Effective Security Measures

We take special care and usually go above and beyond
when it comes to security concerns related to the platform

SSL encryption: All data between you and Nodeship are encrypted using industry-standard HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS).
Redundancy: Our redundancy architecture eliminates a single point of failure. Combined with comprehensive backups, we ensure customer data is replicated and available across production systems.
Architecture and trust zones: We have zoned our platform architecture into areas of trust, and only the minimal amount of infrastructure is exposed directly to the public Internet. For example, components such as databases are hosted on a private network.
Disaster recovery and backup: We operate a multi-level backup and disaster recovery strategy. Backups and near real-time snapshots are taken at various intervals and multiple copies are securely stored in different geographical locations.
Responsible disclosure policy: We operate a public, transparent responsible disclosure policy which encourages cooperation with whitehat hackers and penetration testers.
Background checks: Our main data center provider requires background checks, as permitted by law, as part of pre- employment screening practices for employees and commensurate with the employee’s position and level of access.
Facilities: Redundant power supplies, each with UPS and backup generators and automatic failover. State of the art fire suppression, with all data center areas protected by either wet-pipe, doubleinterlocked pre-action, or gaseous sprinkler systems.

We have a strict anti-abuse policy in order to control spamming and exploitation of our platform. If you have any further questions related to the security measures related to our platform, feel free to contact us.

Responsible Disclosure
c/o Security Department
WeWork, 2nd Floor, 115 Mare
Street, London E8 4RU, UK
E: security@nodeship.com
Abuse Department
c/o Abuse Department
WeWork, 2nd Floor, 115 Mare
Street, London E8 4RU, UK
E: abuse@nodeship.com

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